ODRA 7528

ODRA 7528 Hose reel irrigator is a semi-automatic machine providing artificial irrigation of agricultural fields by power water. The irrigation (supply of water to plants) is provided most frequently by Perrot ZN23 sprinkler fastened on the top of a tripod, which is connected with a free end of a polyethylene (PE) hose.
Water is supplied to a PE hose from the distribution system through a flow coil. The coil rotates slowly, winds up the PE hose, and at the same time draws the tripod with the sprinkler. This makes a strip of irrigated soil demarcated by the length of PE hose and the range of a sprinkler within two sides from the movement axis.
The operation of the hose reel irrigator is fully automatic during the whole operation, including putting out of operation. Setting the speed of the PE hose reel is done mechanically.