ODRA Paket

The set is designed for reconstruction of coil irrigators of types ODRA, HRON, PÁLAVA, equipped with the original oil drive. Irrigator reconstruction consists of exchange of oil drive of hose coiling for a mechanic drive. The full-Ȁ ow water turbine, through which water Ȁ ows to the sprinkler by means of pulley and V-belt, drives the transmission located on crankshaft of the original construction. Crankshaft revolutions are transmitted on sprinkler coil by the original gear.

Advantages are as follows: exchange of the unsuitable oil drive allows for an im-proved continuous hose coiling. Due to three-high drive efficiency, the sprayers sprinkling range increases by 30% and hose coiling speed triples. All these im-provements leads to an increased surface irrigation output.